Schneller als das Licht / Faster than the speed of light

This cache link my hobbies geocaching and astronomy. The multi-cache follows the "Planetenweg" (Path of the planets), which was built by the "Westfälische Volkssternwarte und Planetarium Recklinghausen" (observatory Recklinghausen). The "Planetenweg" displays the sizes and distances in our solar system in the scale of 1:3 billion. Each station on the "Planetenweg" consists of an informationplate on a steelcolumn. Some data to the planet is written on the plate. The planet is displayed on the plate in the right scale. More information about the observatory can be found at . The observatory has an very interesting program. Worth a visit for fans of astronomy.
Westfälische Volkssternwarte und Planetarium Recklinghausen

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To the cache
The total distance is about 4km. You need about 2 hours by foot for this cache. The path are good for pram. The short path to the cache is not for prams. Dogs are allowed. A calculator may be usefull.
Parking is possible at N5137.419, E710.923 on the side of the road. By bus you take line 238 from busstation Recklinghausen and go until busstop "Sternwarte".
Walk to the observatory at N5137.427, E710.837. The informationdisplay at N5137.431, E710.849 inform you about all aktivities of the observatory. At the door of the observatory there is mostly a small programguide to take with you.

Startpoint: Sun (N5137.404 E710.849)
The sun stands below the observatory.
The sun is the source of most life on earth. At this point the light of the sun starts its voyage. We have the unique opportunity to travel faster than the light through our solar system.

Task: The steelcolumn of the sun stands in the middle of a star. How many points has this star? A=

Planet 1: Mercury (N5137.399, E710.857)
The Mercury is still very close to the observatory.
distance form the sun: 58 Mio km
traveltime of light: 3.22 minutes

Task: What is standing direct next to the steelcolumn of the Mercury?
street lamp: B = 3
bank: B = 5
big tree: B = 7
nothing: B = 9

Planet 2: Venus (N5137.402, E710.872)
The Venus is close to the observatory too.
distance form the sun: 108 Mio km
traveltime of light: 6 minutes

Task: How many small white buildings with a dome do You see? C=

Planet 3: Earth (N5137.399, E710.884)
The Earth is lockated at the border of the observatory park.
distance form the sun: 150 Mio km
traveltime of light: 8,33 minutes

Task: Right next to the Earth there is a sign with one word on it. How many letters hast this word? D=

Planet 4: Mars (N5137.389, E710.916)
The Mars stands on the entrance of the playground in the "Stadtgarten" (park of Recklinghausen).
distance form the sun: 228 Mio km
traveltime of light: 12,66 minutes

Task: What colour has the fence between path and playground?
blue: E = 3
green: E = 5
white: E = 7
silver-painted: E = 9
grey: E = 9

Planet 5: Jupiter (N5137.287, E710.978)
We leave the inner planets behind and turn towards the outer planets. The distances grow. The Jupiter is at the entrance of the animal park.
distance form the sun: 779 Mio km
traveltime of light: 43,27 minutes

Task: A big coniferous tree is standing next to Jupiter. There is a small sign of metal with a number on the stem. F = number - 233

Planet 6: Saturn (N5137.213, E711.146)
The Saturn stand at the "Festspielhaus" (theatre).
distance form the sun: 1434 Mio km
traveltime of light: 1,32 hours

Task: The staircase at the Saturn consists of three parts. How many stairs has each part? G = count of stairs + 1

Planet 7: Uranus (N5137.148, E711.639)
Our next planet Uranus is outside of the "Stadtgarten". We are leaving the "Stadtgarten" und travel in direction city of Recklinghausen to the "Cäcilienhöhe".
distance form the sun: 2872 Mio km
traveltime of light: 2,65 hours

Task: On the street stands a streetlamp. A quadrangular sign with a red border is attached to the streetlamp. Which number stands behind the letter "H"? H=

Planet 8: Neptune (N5136.929, E711.854)
The Neptune stands in the city of Recklinghausen. Near the market-place, and between the church St. Peter and the famous "Ikonen-Museum" (icon museum).
distance form the sun: 4495 Mio km
traveltime of light: 4,16 hours

Task: On the tower of the church four numbers of iron are attached. They form a year which is the solution. I=

Spacestation: City
The city of Recklinghausen invites to rest a bit. There are a lot of cafes, restaurants and shops. For a short break I suggest the snack bar at the Karstadt-Building (market-place). They have very good "holländische" fried potatoes (sorry no coordinates, the gps-reception is very bad because of the high buildings).

Planet 9: Pluto (N5136.664, E712.065)
Our last planet Pluto is already again outside the city. He stands in the "Erlbruchpark" behind the town hall of Recklinghausen.
distance form the sun: 5870 Mio km
traveltime of light: 5,43 hours

Task: Direct at the Pluto are two places to sit down. How many woodbars are uses in each of them? J=

Faster than the speed of light?
Determine your travelspeed?
Divide the traveltime of light (326 minutes) by your traveltime in minutes.

travelspeed: _____ x speed of light

Now to the final:
Collection of solutions:
the cache is hidden at:
N51 37.H+(F*J)+(A*B*G)-(38*C)-1
E 7 10.(I/2)+D-E

[cache]: zntargvp